About Us


Over the past 20 years, Bill worked on many projects throughout the Northwest and California as both a consultant and developer.  He has been a senior staff member with two national consulting firms specializing in real estate development economics and project planning.  Prior to establishing this firm, Bill managed development projects for a major real estate investment and development firm based in Seattle.  Clark Development has been active in Boise for twenty years. Bill is an active member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and serves on the board of Idaho Smart Growth.

Bill also served as a Professor in the Department or Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon.  After moving into the private sector, Bill continued to teach part time at the University of Oregon, primarily focusing on courses relating to real estate development.  More recently, Bill taught courses in real estate development at Boise State University.

Clark Development continues to work on a limited basis to assist private and public entities to determine the best use and value potential of property, and analyze feasibility of development projects. We place great emphasis on the economics of a project and ensuring that it is realistic in terms of both the market demand and development costs.